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10-Inch Rusty Lampwork Fragmented Beads Cross

Your Price: $105.00
Temporarily Unavailable
Artist: T.C. Cunningham
Item #: TLC10RustyME

This 10-inch Fleur-de-lys heavy gauge rusty metal cross is adorned with broken and fragmented lampwork beads from another artist, Dana of She contacted me after seeing my site and just knew that these normally discarded pieces could still be used. And it thrills her that they will be used to glorify God. It's so satisfying and fun for me to carefully place and secure each piece of glass to the cross and see the beautiful way it comes together.  This is a very time consuming cross to make as I have to grind the sharp edges off the fragment pieces before I get started.  I then wire-sculpt the cross in my unique way of wire wrapping.  Look at all the different pictures of this style cross and notice how different and unique the one you order will be.

The cross you receive will not be exactly like the one shown, but will be just as beautiful.

Included is a 1-3/4 x 2-1/4 keepsake gift card, ready for gift giving.    

          (Back of Card)                                   (Front of Card)

Artwork for card is provided by


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